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Body Diversity Is Really A Thing + How It Can Help You Feel Better About Your Body

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Hi! As you might notice, anonymous questions are not currently enabled on this blog, since I prefer not to post too personal stuff over here anymore. So, chances are that I'll reply privately (you can send me a fan mail if you prefer). The main reason is that right now phagosome (which is still my main blog and username, btw) is more a collection of stuff I like rather than a "real" blog. I tend to write more freely on my personal side-blog at swallowthetoad.tumblr.com - where anon is on, so, if you wish, you can write me over there, bearing in mind that it's not a(n ED) trigger-free space. But aren't triggers everywhere, after all? :/

Either way, and either place - feel free to ask me anything! :)