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Community Bookstore (by aterkel)

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Asiatic Golden Cat by Anne-Marie Kalus

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Cala Coticcio a Caprera by Gianni

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The Munsters gardening, 1960s

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22 Weird-Ass Details You Missed in the Background of Movies

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We met a fat and sassy chipmunk

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a guide to using cases in German, as requested by insertarnombreaqui

I tried to make it as nonthreatening as possible - click the tiles to view them properly, or loathe me if you’re on the mobile app

formation of cases coming tomorrow!

Heads up, there are a few mistakes in here.

  • On the dative slide it should be “das Buch”.
  • One example on the genitive slide is wrong. It has to be “Wegen des Verkehrs bin ich spät.”
  • The statement “the accusative is always used after the prepositions: trotz, wegen, während, an Stelle, innerhalb, außerhalb” is also incorrect. I’m sure it was just an accident and not due to a lack of understanding (since it’s on the correct slide), but “accusative” needs to be replaced with “genitive” here. (Side note: The genitive case is often replaced by the dative case in spoken language.)
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